IT Services

Making technology work for you

Making technology work for you

At NTS, we put our years of experience in IT services to work for you. Our dynamic sales team is able to create a customized IT solutions plan for your company’s specific needs, and budget. Once plans are in place, our skilled technicians install and maintain your products, and are there for all your post-installation issues and questions.

Our IT Services expertise includes:

  • 1.IT Infrastructure (including services and storage)
  • 2.Personal Systems: Assessment and Deployment
  • 3.Printing and Imaging Consulting.
  • 4.Wired/Wireless LAN Consulting.
  • 5.Security and Privacy.
  • 6.HP Care Pack Specialists.

  • 1. Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring
  • 2. Security Solutions, Software, Hardware, and Hybrid Based
  • 3. Wireless LAN Design and Implementation.
  • 4. Network Routing, Switching, Software Defined.
  • 5. Software Licensing (Corporate, Government, Education).
  • 6. Manufacturer Extended and Post Warranties for Your Company’s Existing Equipment.
  • 7. Manage Print Services for Larger Print Fleets over 50 Printers.

IT Consulting

Call NTS for any of your IT consulting needs. We will ensure that your exact requirements are matched with the most affordable solutions. We’ll sit down with you and your staff and discuss any of the following:

Infrastructure Needs
Including servers, blade servers, rack equipment and UPS implementation, among others.
Personal Systems Rollouts and assessments
Our representatives go on site to your existing facility to assess older PC’s and notebooks or to an entirely new facility that has yet to be occupied.
Printing and Imaging Consulting
Will allow your organization to simultaneously maximize its existing printers and leverage the latest technology. This will save your organization sufficient money in consumables, energy expenditure and time.

HP Care Pack Specialists

At NTS, we help make your HP Care Pack service operate smoothly and efficiently. Our team will quote, procure and register all of your Care Packs. This is done as easily for our Public Sector as well as our Corporate Business customers.

Existing Care Pack Problem Resolution
If your organization has existing Care Packs with unresolved issues, our Care Pack Specialists are there to help. They’ll register older Care Packs as well as locate missing ones. They’ll even assist in contacting HP for you until a pending Care Pack issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
Make Post Warranty Care Pack Purchasing Simple
To maximize the length of your HP hardware investments, many organizations are using HP Post Warranty Care Packs. These are extremely useful for HP’s robust Proliant Services and PC’s. Ask us for a quote today.
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